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What’s New in 2021

Every year, we review our benefits with you and your family in mind. Even though life looks a little different this year, we have the benefits to help you take care of yourself and your loved ones. Here’s an overview of what’s new and changing in 2021.

New enrollment site

What you need to know about our new benefits enrollment site


New benefits

A new EAP and cancer support services are coming in 2021


Enhanced benefits

We’ve updated several benefits for 2021


Benefits to use now

Get the care you and your family need today


New enrollment site

We have a new benefits enrollment site with enhanced support to help you make your 2021 benefits enrollment selections. Learn what’s different.

This year, even if you don’t plan on making changes, it’s important that you log in to our new benefits enrollment site to make sure everything in the system is correct—from your current elections to your dependents and beneficiaries.

With the new enrollment site, HSA and FSA contributions will be handled a little differently.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Check your contributions! Your per-pay-period HSA deduction may have rolled over for 2021 differently than how you set it up. Verify your deduction amount to make sure it is accurate or make any changes you wish. With the new site, you have two options for your deductions: an equal amount each pay period or a lump sum on specific payroll dates (e.g., if you want to front-load your account early in 2021).

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Your 2020 Dependent Care and Health Care Flexible Spending Account elections will roll over to 2021. Be sure to review your contributions to make sure they are still in line with how your needs may have changed as a result of COVID-19.

DCFSA contributions

Adobe will continue to contribute up to $1,200 to your Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account if you choose to have one. If you wish to receive just the Adobe gift and not add any funds of your own, you must enroll in the DCFSA and enter $0 for your contribution amount. If you would like to have another amount in your account, be sure to account for Adobe’s contribution. For example, to reach the IRS maximum of $5,000, enter $3,800 for your contribution amount, and Adobe will add the remaining $1,200.

EMMA, your personal benefits expert
The new benefits enrollment site offers EMMA, an interactive benefits counselor with artificial intelligence to help you navigate your options and pick the best medical plan for you and your family.

Send a secure message or chat within the site
Now, instead of requesting support via email, you can send secure messages to the Adobe Benefits Support Team directly through the new enrollment site, or chat in real time (during business hours) to get information on your plans or help with enrolling.

New benefits

We’re excited to announce two new Adobe benefits that will help you and your family stay well. These programs will be available beginning January 1, 2021.

Introducing a seamless new way to access counseling and therapy: Spring Health.
Even if you’re feeling great physically, it’s just as important to maintain mental health as physical health. To give you access to world-class providers who deliver precisely what you need—whether that’s work and life resources or the ability to speak with a counselor—Adobe is introducing Spring Health, a modern, new employee assistance program (EAP), starting in January 2021. Here’s just a sampling of Spring Health’s offerings:

  • 24/7 on-demand support and 10 free sessions per year for you and your family
  • Care navigators to guide you on every step of your journey
  • Seamless access to confidential virtual or in-person world-class providers
  • Online access to assessments and check-ins
  • Work and life resources, including legal and financial services
  • Critical incident support
  • Addiction support
  • A seamless transition to your Aetna health plan if more sessions are needed

If you use the EAP in the next couple of months, please note that we will be ending our Aetna EAP services on December 31, 2020.

Adobe wants you and your family to feel empowered to make the best cancer-care decisions, if you ever need to. That’s why we’re partnering with AccessHope, an innovative new cancer support service. AccessHope provides leading-edge cancer expertise and access to one of the premier cancer hospitals in the country to all benefits-eligible Adobe employees, regardless of medical plan enrollment. It offers the following services to you and your eligible dependents at no cost.

  • Cancer support line: You and your family can call to get support and advice from oncology nurses.
  • Expert advisory review: You can request a review of your cancer diagnosis and treatment plan from AccessHope’s world-class specialists.
  • Accountable precision oncology: AccessHope will work directly with Aetna members’ health plan and in collaboration with your local physician to provide expert insight in cases of rare and complex cancers—you don’t have to do anything.

Enhanced benefits

Adobe offers a full continuum of benefits for your health, family needs and financial wellbeing. These offerings are improved for 2021.

Depending on where you live, you have your choice of great Aetna and Kaiser medical plans. And we’ve made some improvements this year to the coverage offered by Kaiser, Delta Dental and VSP.

Enhanced Kaiser fertility benefit

To support Kaiser members in growing their families, Adobe is increasing the Kaiser California infertility benefit from one to three assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles per lifetime. You can use the benefit as part of an active cycle to become pregnant.

Improved Delta Dental benefit

Adobe is increasing the benefit for night guards, since they are often necessary for oral health and improved sleep. Night guards will be covered at 100%, subject to plan rules and after your deductible, assuming the cost does not exceed your calendar-year maximum.

Increased VSP vision benefits

Starting in 2021, we are moving to calendar-year service frequency. You no longer have to wait 12 months from your last service to get glasses or contact lenses with a valid prescription. This means you can get glasses or contacts in December and another pair of glasses or contacts when your benefits refresh in the new year.

In addition, Adobe is increasing the contact lens allowance for the VSP Vision Plus plan from $200 to $250, to match the frame allowance.


To keep pace with increasing health care costs, employee contributions will increase for all medical and dental plans in 2021. See the Health Care Contributions page.

These plan updates can help you secure your financial position now and in the future.

Extension of Dependent Care FSA funding to elder dependents

Starting in 2021, Adobe’s contribution of up to $1,200 to your Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account can be used for eligible expenses for either elder care or child care. The covered elder must live in your home for eight or more hours per day and be a tax dependent per IRS guidelines.

Increased HSA contribution limits

The IRS has increased contribution limits for Health Savings Accounts. In 2021, you'll be allowed to contribute $3,600 for individual coverage (up from $3,550) or $7,200 for family coverage (up from $7,100). The catch-up contribution limit for those who are 55 or older remains $1,000.

Option to maximize life insurance election
Effective with this year’s Open Enrollment, the ability to increase your life insurance election is being extended. Now, in addition to being able to increase your election up to $150,000 without evidence of insurability (EOI), you will have the option to go even higher (up to plan limits) with an approved EOI.
Increased legal assistance plus digital estate planning

If you sign up for a MetLife legal plan, you will have access to a refreshed online portal providing instant search for nearby attorneys and digital estate planning. You’ll also get four hours of legal advice with no added cost toward any uncovered topic (e.g., property tax assessment, buying or selling a second home, bankruptcy, etc.).

Benefits to use now

No waiting! These benefits are available today to support your family’s needs while you’re staying well by staying home.

Adobe offers virtual resources to help you maintain a healthy emotional balance while taking on life’s stressors and coping with any big changes that may come your way. Visit the Emotional Wellbeing page to find the one that is right for you.

Both the Aetna and Kaiser plans offer the convenience of virtual medical appointments. Find more information on the Aetna and Kaiser websites or apps, or visit the Medical Plan Coverage page.

Bright Horizons provides Adobe employees with caregiver support. If Bright Horizons is unable to fill a backup care request, you can use a caregiver outside the Bright Horizons network and be reimbursed $100 per day up to the annual limit.

Find additional resources on the Personal and Family Services page.

Need help? Adobe Benefits Support Team | 855-898-4218